Alabany 2013 La Crosse Early Signers Include

Alabany 2013 early signers include

  •            J.D. Colarusso (Goalie), Arlington HS, LaGrangeville, NY
  •            Dalston Day (Attack), Salmon River HS, Fort Covington, NY
  •            John Glancy (Midfield), Northport HS, Northport, NY
  •            Mike Skluth (Defense), John Jay-Cross River HS, Cross River, NY
  •            Dan Henson (Midfield), Arlington HS, LaGrangeville, NY
  •             Billy Breen (Midfield), Boston College HS, Boston, MA

Note: These are unofficial lists of early signers, commitments, recruits, and walk-ons. Because a player is on the list does not necessarily mean that he has signed a letter of intent or otherwise made a formal commitment to attend. Some recruits who are committed to a school may not yet have been accepted for admission (source:

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Aerospace Aluminum Lacrosse Shafts

Improved Alloy Lacrosse Shafts, the 1980’s/1990’s: As lacrosse progressed into the 1980’s and 1990’s, most of the high-end lacrosse shafts were sold separately from the heads, and accordingly, the shaft alloys were upgraded from alloy 6061, with a yield-strength of 40 to 50 ksi, to alloy 7050, with a yield-strength of about 75 ksi.

Alloy 7050 was developed in the 1960’s for various aerospace applications and is comprised primarily of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu as the major alloying elements.  Essentially there are many aluminum alloy variants that cluster in the 65 to 75 ksi strength range, including CU31 (aerospace reject 7050 alloy), 7075 and 7055.  At this point in time, I would venture a guess that about 80% of the lacrosse shafts on the market today are comprised of these 7XXX type alloys even though the specific model names vary quite a bit.

(Note:  The term ksi refers to thousands of pounds per square inch.  To test an alloy, a dog bone shaped specimen is loaded, and the load at which the material plastically deforms or yields is the yield strength, and the load at which the specimen breaks is the ultimate tensile strength.  The test lab will then divide the load (pounds) by the cross sectional area (square inches) to calculate the strength properties.  For 7050, the yield strength is 75 ksi or 75,000 pounds per square inch.)

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Other Lacrosse Items

Air Force 2013 early signers include

  •    Grant Gould (midfield), Upper Arlington High School in Upper Arlington  OH
  •     Will de Board (defense), St. Charles High School in St. Charles, IL
  •      Hunter Hill (defense), Dallas Jesuit High School in Dallas, TX
  •      Jon Salemi (midfield), Lawrenceville High School, Tabernacle, NJ
  •      Josh Swartzman (defense), McQuaid Jesuit High School, Rochester, NY
  •      Jack Warmolts (goalie), Upper Arlington High School, Upper Arlington,  OH


Note: These are unofficial lists of early signers, commitments, recruits, and walk-ons. Because a player is on the list does not necessarily mean that he has signed a letter of intent or otherwise made a formal commitment to attend. Some recruits who are committed to a school may not yet have been accepted for admission (source:

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Original Aluminum Alloy Lacrosse Shafts, the 1970’s

The Original Alloy Lacrosse Shafts, the 1970s  It is well known that for many years, the good old one-piece wooden lacrosse shafts ruled the day.  In the 1970s, the game was changed for the better when aluminum alloy lacrosse shafts combined with a plastic head were introduced.

These early lacrosse shaft alloys were basic 6XXX aluminum alloys such as 6061, and although they were a definite improvement over wood in terms of lightweight, the 6061 alloy shafts on the market today are considered low-end, in other words very affordable but very heavy compared to most of the improved alloy lacrosse shafts.

In most cases, the low-end 6061 alloy shafts are sold with a head already attached and typically purchased by beginners. One thing that is unfortunate about these cheaper lacrosse shafts are far too heavy for the 5, 6 and 7 year-olds, and you can clearly see the kids get worn out at the end of games and practices where they can barely lift up their shafts.

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Welcome to

We are committed to helping you do 2 powerful things. First, is to put the best lacrosse shafts in your hands. Second is to help you learn the best way to develop yourself into the best lacrosse player that you can be.

To help you solve these issues, we have teamed up with Tri-Kor Alloys, an innovative company that produces what we think makes the best lacrosse shafts on the market. Then we have decided to find the best ideas out there on how to improve your lacrosse game.

By reading further you are going to find out all you need to know to make an informedpurchase of the best lacrosse shaft on the market. Then go ahead and sign up for our free report Lacrosse Training Secrets to get started on making dramatic improvements in your game quickly.                                                   5CK36XS24UH9

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The Best Lacrosse

We are committed to helping you do 2 powerful things. First, is to put the best lacrosse shafts in your hands. Second is to help you learn the best way to develop yourself into the best lacrosse player that you can be.

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How Lacrosse is interpreted in the Middle East – Lacrosse Shafts – The Stick that Suits you!

Lacrosse, the game of the Native Americans dates back to hundreds of years from now, played amongst the tribes with sticks which were used to attack, defend and score goals. The gear that was used to play the game remains the same in nature. The only changes that have taken place are just to modernize it.

Previously, large sticks made from hard hickories which were used to create the Lacrosse Shafts. It was a very difficult task to handle and the players often attacked their opponents with it. But today, it entirely depends upon the person playing the sport to customize the entire body of their shaft.

Antecedently, there were no rules in place to differentiate between the Lacrosse Shafts being used by men and women. But several developments have occurred throughout the 20th century; new rules and regulations were set in place. The new set of rules included new restriction on the length of the shaft. The men’s and women’s shafts are different in the Lacrosse game. The female participants have a stick ranging from 35 to 43 inches long.

While in the case of men, it differs and depends on the player’s positioning. Midfielders and Attackers go for shorter Lacrosse Shafts similar to that of women known as Short Crosses. Considering the Defensive players; they use the longer shafts that range between 52 to 72 inches long.

Goalies’ use sticks with shafts ranging from 40 to 72 inches in length. These shafts are available in different varieties and are usually different from all the other Crosses being used on the field. In light of the rules, a shaft cannot exceed 2 inches in diameter.

Robert Pool in 1937 introduced double-walled stick shafts which made it easier for the players to play the game with the lacrosse ball. Some players prefer plastic lacrosse sticks as they are much more portable and durable than wood whereas some players still prefer to use the wooden shafts.

Metal alloys, laminated wood and wood are used to make the shafts of the lacrosse sticks that are hollow or solid. They are normally used at the high school and college levels. Metal alloys are used at the high school level for the handle portion of the shaft. If the shafts of the sticks are hollow, then those are used at professional stage. A rubber plug is used to shut the end of the shaft if it’s hollow.

There aren’t any specifications defined as far as the color of the shafts is concerned. But the shafts are normally white or wooden colored.

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How Lacrosse is interpreted in Pakistan – The Best Lacrosse Sticks – Best of the Best

Any competitive sport that’s played on the highest level requires the best gear to be played with. The only thing that varies is the skill level that you have. Choosing the best Lacrosse sticks depend entirely on two things:

  1. What position you play in.
  2. Your gender.

The first thing that you should consider when buying your gear is the head of the lacrosse stick. There are a lot of different types of heads that are available in the market. They vary in quality as well. The string is an important element of the head. The advanced players use customized gears while a newbie is not much bothered about the customization process.

Basically, the lacrosse sticks are made of different materials and have different styles. Choosing the best lacrosse stick depends on the player’s position. The attackers go for the shorter ones while the defenders favor the longer sticks.

Finding the best lacrosse sticks is not a very easy task. The following text will guide you to the best lacrosse sticks that are available in the market. 

For the attackers: All they require is a firm grip which helps them to control the ball easily and a compressed pocket shape for the guardianship of the ball. The Gait Nuclear Attack Lacrosse Stick is the best option for the attackers.

The Brine Alias Attack Lacrosse Stick is the leading Lacrosse Stick with respect to their fair prices and outstanding quality. The stick features soft netting for a good ball control for the attackers.

The STX X3 with Crankshaft Complete Lacrosse stick is usually preferred by both the newbie’s as well as the professional lacrosse players. Its shaft is octagonal shaped which provides an easy and comfortable quick release making this its special feature.

For the Goalkeepers: The Warrior Void is regarded as one of the best goalie sticks because it has a relatively much deeper pocket that clutches the ball easily. It is lighter in weight which helps in quick and easy response by the goalies and helps prevent the goals.

For the Defenders: The Gait Havoc is used by many defenders who want to push hard on the attackers. It features a good triple rib side and is lighter in weight. As it is designed for the defenders, it has a relatively shorter throat which provides the player with an excellent control over the ball and the passing is quicker and more efficient for the attackers.

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Best Lacrosse Shafts For Your Game

The main motive and the main idea behind playing Lacrosse is to stop and block the opponents from striking a goal. This is done by making use of the best Lacrosse shafts. Being a professional and a highly experienced participant, you can easily decipher the importance of a good Lacrosse Shaft.

The shafts help us to strike goals in the opponent’s goal line and prevent the opponents from striking and scoring. So, the basic need and requirement is that the player has to be satisfied with his gear. Nowadays you can easily customize your Lacrosse Shaft according to your needs.

The gear that you should use mainly depends on your age group. This will play an important part on how you customize your shaft, as it can vary in its make-up and length.

Lacrosse Shafts hold an eminent position while playing lacrosse as success depends on the best type and quality of the shaft. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive one. We have to be a 100% sure that the lacrosse shaft that we are using is the best one. You should be comfortable with it while playing the game. This will help you in playing the game efficiently. While purchasing it, we have to make sure that it is of a highest quality because lacrosse shafts provide us with the best results i.e. to attain success.

To face any opponent whether you are an amateur or a professional lacrosse player, the only thing that you have to be careful about is the use of the best lacrosse shaft which enables you to handle any type of opponent. Player’s position counts too, because your positioning also makes the type of shaft differ.

The shafts made from titanium are preferred by the league lacrosse players. The warrior titanium pro is very popular amongst the professional players. The aluminum shafts are also preferred due to their cheap costs.

The lacrosse shafts made from alloy-metal improves your game and makes it more efficient for you to play. The ones made from aerospace alloy were developed in its infancy days. The most durable and light weight shaft is the Tri-Kor lacrosse shaft.

Being a goalie, you require a lightweight and a much more efficient shaft to stop all the possible chances for your opponent to score a goal. Being a player playing for any team, you always require a shaft with the best alloy so that you can play neck to neck with your opponents and grind their ability to pass the ball through your goal line.

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Lacrosse Sticks – The Game of Native Americans

Lacrosse is a game that’s played in the United States as well as in Canada. The game requires a rubber ball and a stick with a long handle, like a racket, namely Lacrosse Stick or a Crosse. The Lacrosse Stick is believed to have been made by Tuscarora Iroquois artisans. Lacrosse Sticks vary in size. It even differs from person to person.

There are basically four types of sticks in lacrosse: one for the goalkeeper, one for women and two different types of sticks for the men i.e. the short Crosse and the long Crosse. There are two basic components of this stick: shaft, which is used to hold the stick for a better grip, a head which creates a pocket for the ball.

It is a stick with padding. It is used to hold the ball and carry it or pass it. The stick is usually made of different sizes that vary according to the player. It is 40 to 42 inches long for an offensive player and 52 to 72 inches long for the ones playing defensively while the goalies require a 40 to 72 inches long stick. The stick consists of a rectangular shaped head. In the case of a goalkeeper the shape of the head is different i.e. it is much broader and round in shape. It has loose netting that allows the ball to be caught or thrown away.

Previously Lacrosse sticks were made from the hickory trees, animal tendon or vines with holes drilled on the head and the sidewalls so that the nylon string is weaved which creates a net. The stick was given shape through steam bending.

Traditional Lacrosse sticks are still consumed by box lacrosse players. But today modern sticks are used. They are more commonly known as Contemporary Lacrosse sticks. Its head is made up of a plastic that is strung with strings of nylon to form a pocket for the ball and is attached to the shaft made from metal and other materials for portability and durability. It is so because depending on these metals, the weight differs to make the stick lighter and easier to play with. Today, the dimensions differ too. The sizes differ for men and women as well. The sticks for women are much lighter so that they can easily be carried and played with and are usually shorter than men’s. The basic difference according to the rules is that the pocket is much shallower so that when a ball is placed inside it, it remains above the edge of the sidewall which somehow is difficult to play with.

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