Weight Lifting Training For Improved Lacrosse Athletic Performance

Weight lifting training can be used by almost any athlete to improve speed, strength and endurance. When used properly a lacrosse athlete can use this tool to increase their body mass for more force on the field. This increase will lead to improvements that most people don’t realize.

In physics there is an equation that states that Mass (How much you weigh) x Acceleration (How fast that weight is moving) = Force. If a lacrosse athlete uses a systematic training program of nutrition, postural balance, sprint technique improvement and weight lifting they can maximize this equation in their favor.

A perfect example is N.B.A. player LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has similar skills as most other players in the N.B.A however he has two very important physical traits that set him way apart and make him one of the top two or three players in the world. Those two factors are size and explosiveness.

At 6’8” tall and somewhere around 250 lbs. LeBron has the size of an N.F.L. linebacker but the athleticism of a world-class high jumper or long jumper. With this combination of size, speed, agility and top-level basketball skills he is virtually unstoppable in competition.

His size allows him to go past defenders with ease and take contact from other opponents that would crush most other players. This allows him much more opportunity to score and stay injury free. The slighter athlete will be more prone to injury, getting stopped on a drive and maybe even miss their shot due to being shaken off their balance easier.

As a former basketball player who took up weight training during high school I saw firsthand how resistance training could help make you a better athlete. I gained almost 70 lbs. throughout college and was able to actually improve my jumping and running ability.
As I increased my size and speed with weight lifting training I maintained my basketball skill level. This helped improve my overall game.

At 250 lbs. I was able to score and rebound in different ways that I could not weighing 180 lbs. This was exciting for me to be able to go to the basketball court and see the improvements in my overall game. This discovery allowed me to share this knowledge with the athletes I train today. I have helped many athletes who play both football and basketball improve their athleticism in both sports.

Weight lifting training can stimulate lean muscle mass growth that will increase your overall weight and increase your ability to produce muscular power. This combination is what will help you grow in size, run faster, jump higher and beat your opponents.

In closing, I think it is a great idea for lacrosse athletes to get involved with a properly structured weight lifting training program and start making improvements in your sports training today. In just a few short months you can make some dramatic improvements to your physique.

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