Improve Lacrosse Training in Young Athletes With These Supplement Tips

Today many young lacrosse athletes are experimenting with supplements to improve sports performance training without understanding exactly what they are putting into their bodies. With this fact in mind I think some sound advice should be given to young athletes regarding supplements?

Many lacrosse parents have asked me if there is anything that should be a part of their sports nutritional supplement program and is there anything they should stay away from?

For the most part, I believe that this is a personal choice but there a few great recommendations.

Most young athletes need to focus on developing good eating habits. That is the most important thing. Basic supplements like quality protein powders in the form of whey protein isolate as a post workout shake and micellar casein as a meal replacement shake are a start.

From there a good essential fatty acid supplement like fish oil capsules is a great addition. This is important because essential fatty acids are not produced in the body and most athletes’ diets don’t contain them! sells a good fish oil for a good price.

Next a multi-vitamin that contains high amounts of C and D is a great addition. Once again many athletes diet don’t supply all the vitamins and minerals necessary to run the body at optimal levels. Life Extension makes a great multi-vitamin-multi-mineral formula. This can be purchased at

And then possibly an essential amino acid blend (EAA) would be a good place to start. Just like essential fatty acids are not produced by the body so are essential amino acids. Adding these in the right amount will ensure your body is growing and repairing in the most efficient way possible. Optimum EFX makes an amazing (EAA) blend that many pro athletes use which can be ordered at

But again, getting the eating habits in place is priority number one. Focus on eating protein with every meal, then learning about and eating low glycemic carbohydrates and avoid trans fats and replace them with unsaturated sources like olive oil and nuts.

This may seem simple but a very high percentage of young lacrosse athletes don’t do this. Following some if not all of this advice will improve your sports performance training for lacrosse.

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    Hey this is truly okay…so true and so prettily said…well done !

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