Controlling Carbohydrates To Improve Speed And Agility Training For Lacrosse

In the process that all athletes go through to improve performance there are many variables that need to be juggled. Speed agility training is one of the most important factors. Most lacrosse athletes go through an awakening process of how training and nutrition can lead to becoming a more complete athlete. Many young athletes have asked me, “What is the best way to follow a diet?”

Most lacrosse athletes’ main goal is too play on a higher level and that can include going to college and possibly getting their tuition paid for with an athletic scholarship. I tell many athletes they are going to have to get bigger, faster and stronger to compete at the next level.

After this conversation many lacrosse athletes start taking their training very seriously. Most athletes make an agreement that they need to make it to all their workout sessions and follow my nutrition manual carefully. So far most serious have made that commitment successfully. They bring me a food log every week so that I can monitor their progress.

One of the key components to my strategy for improving athletes is improving their strength to weight ratio. I talk about this a lot because it is very important. In my training manual I explain it in detail. Because this is a short article I will give a brief synopsis. This concept is basically lowering a lacrosse athlete’s body fat level to a point that still allows an athlete to function at optimal levels while improving overall strength.

One tool for accomplishing this mission is controlling carbohydrate intake to lower body fat levels. This tool works wonders and makes athletes feel so much better. By mastering this concept you can expect to see dramatic differences in body composition and energy levels.

It is very important to take the time to learn about food. Having a solid education about nutrition will give you the tools to succeed. Bottom line from my experience is that those whom read and study succeed and those who don’t make excuses and fail.

It’s helpful to understand Food Blocks / Macronutrients. There are three different Food Blocks / Macronutrients. The foods are Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat. All three of these food blocks will count for a certain part of each meal you eat.

Carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source. The body can use proteins and fats for energy but are harder for the body to use. We want to eat just enough carbohydrates to give the body energy but not so much that the body will store fat.

The Glycemic Index or (GI) is a helpful tool. Not all carbohydrate foods are the same. Different carbohydrates can act differently in our bodies. The glycemic index shows you the difference by measuring carbohydrates from how they affect your blood sugar levels. Choosing low (GI) crabs is the key to your improvement of body composition.

This is a very important concept to learn. My Athlete Training Manual that comes free with my online subscription has the glycemic index in it along with all the information necessary to start and follow a diet that will dramatically change your body composition. This improvement will lead to better performance in speed agility training for lacrosse.

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