Lacrosse Sticks – Yesterday and Today

The great game of Lacrosse played by the Native Americans is a team sport. In the beginning it was played by the Europeans in the North America. Like hockey, lacrosse is also played with a stick to pass the ball amongst the team members. These sticks are known as the Lacrosse Sticks.

Back in the day, when French people started to play Lacrosse, immaturely known as baggataway or tewaraathon, the first thing that caught their eyes was the figure of the sticks. It appeared to be like a bishop’s crosier. Hence they decided to name these sticks as “la Crosse”. They considered these sticks to be very special, sacred and their very personal possession.

In the North and South America, many people found this game to be enlightening. Initially it was considered to be more than a sport. It was more of a social gathering event. They believed and had the faith that their creator and the master of this universe had revealed this game for joy and fight amongst the people.

Previously, each team consisted of thousands of players but today there are 10 players on each team. The Lacrosse sticks are the key factor in this game. These were designed by their respective players who visualized the fighting skills of each player and their spiritual awareness. Before the game used to begin, they used to declare their creator to the opponents and raised their sticks in respect and applause. The lacrosse sticks were very often craved with certain signs, designs or logos to represent their tribe.

In earlier times, these sticks were made of wood and by using animal tendons or vines. A pocket was attached at one end of the stick with a stem. The stem was also used for bending the stick. But today, synthetic materials like aluminum poles are used to produce these sticks whose head is made by molding the plastic into the required shape. These are more durable, portable and handy. For easier handling, titanium and graphite is used for easy and convenient playing as it lightens its weight.

George Beers made changes in the lacrosse sticks in 1867. He said that the net should be flat when the ball is not in it. This is now today’s modern mesh pockets.

Ages ago, it really did not matter what size, shape or length your Lacrosse stick had. Today, it has become very important for the players to know before they go out to play that what kind of stick they want. They get customized sticks made for them to facilitate better handling of the ball and to play better in general. These sticks differ in size, shape, player positioning, skill, personal taste and gender.

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