Lacrosse Sticks – The Game of Native Americans

Lacrosse is a game that’s played in the United States as well as in Canada. The game requires a rubber ball and a stick with a long handle, like a racket, namely Lacrosse Stick or a Crosse. The Lacrosse Stick is believed to have been made by Tuscarora Iroquois artisans. Lacrosse Sticks vary in size. It even differs from person to person.

There are basically four types of sticks in lacrosse: one for the goalkeeper, one for women and two different types of sticks for the men i.e. the short Crosse and the long Crosse. There are two basic components of this stick: shaft, which is used to hold the stick for a better grip, a head which creates a pocket for the ball.

It is a stick with padding. It is used to hold the ball and carry it or pass it. The stick is usually made of different sizes that vary according to the player. It is 40 to 42 inches long for an offensive player and 52 to 72 inches long for the ones playing defensively while the goalies require a 40 to 72 inches long stick. The stick consists of a rectangular shaped head. In the case of a goalkeeper the shape of the head is different i.e. it is much broader and round in shape. It has loose netting that allows the ball to be caught or thrown away.

Previously Lacrosse sticks were made from the hickory trees, animal tendon or vines with holes drilled on the head and the sidewalls so that the nylon string is weaved which creates a net. The stick was given shape through steam bending.

Traditional Lacrosse sticks are still consumed by box lacrosse players. But today modern sticks are used. They are more commonly known as Contemporary Lacrosse sticks. Its head is made up of a plastic that is strung with strings of nylon to form a pocket for the ball and is attached to the shaft made from metal and other materials for portability and durability. It is so because depending on these metals, the weight differs to make the stick lighter and easier to play with. Today, the dimensions differ too. The sizes differ for men and women as well. The sticks for women are much lighter so that they can easily be carried and played with and are usually shorter than men’s. The basic difference according to the rules is that the pocket is much shallower so that when a ball is placed inside it, it remains above the edge of the sidewall which somehow is difficult to play with.

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