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What Should Extra Speed Do To Your Lacrosse Game? 

How many options have you explored to take your game to the next level? With camps, instructional videos, and nutrition plans in place, you have almost everything you need. has the tools you need to take the next step in your career.The lacrosse shafts found at are designed through a partnership with Tri-Kor Alloys, an innovative company that delivers the best lacrosse equipment in the industry.

Our goal throughout the development process was to create equipment that will give you the gear you need to become the best lacrosse player possible.

Notice The Immediate Benefits

When you step onto the field, isn't it great to know that you are playing with elite equipment? Defenders will have increased “feel” with our lightweight Sub 13 d-pole.

Heavier sticks can prevent you from actually “feeling” the ball in the pocket. “Feel” can be the difference between championships and early season exits! This alloy blend comes in under 13 ounces!

The Sub 7 goalie shafts available have been field-tested and have been met with incredible accolades from goalies just like you! Incredibly light, weighing less than 7 ounces, your reaction time and hand speed will drastically increase, and we all know what that means…

Attackers will move with blazing speed, as our Sub 5 model, coined for the sub-5 ounce design, is the lightest lacrosse shaft we carry. And, because of our efforts with Tri-Kor, you will never sacrifice durability for speed. And, while we believe that a guarantee doesn’t ensure the quality of a product, we wanted you to know how confident we are in our products.

That is why we guarantee all of our lacrosse shafts for an entire year! That’s right – 12 months. If anything should happen to the alloy shafts you purchase from within the first year of use, we will replace it! Now that’s a guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else.Period.

The light design of our alloy lacrosse sticks can help you late in games, when fatigue becomes a factor, and most of our players love the slight texture and modern finish.

Sport Science At Its Best

The alloys created from aerospace research currently used for lacrosse equipment are severely outdated. We knew that the next step in lacrosse evolution was needed, and in time, the ultra-tough Sub Series was born!

Our Scandium-Chrome Alloy shafts will revolutionize the expectations you currently have for your lacrosse equipment.

And, through our partnership with Tri-Kor Alloys, we have managed to cut out the “middle men” that cause your equipment to skyrocket in price.

This is why you’ll notice that through, you can get the most advanced shafts available for prices similar to those found with inferior equipment.

So, the following benefits await you when you make the switch to our alloy shafts:

Tri-Kor Alloys

Tri-Kor Alloys has a single goal in mind – your scoring more of them! When you have elite lacrosse equipment, you can step onto any field knowing that your gear won’t let you down!

Whether you’re a defender, goalie, or attacker, you can beat the player across from you by simply being a split-second faster…bring the best alloy lacrosse shaft available to the table, and your shots will be a blur.

The Scandium alloy we have mentioned was developed in Russia and Ukraine shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. Our development team has created advanced titanium alloys that can withstand armor-piercing rounds, aerospace stress tests, temperatures as low as -452 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the alloy can withstand these types of stresses, you know that you'll have nothing to worry about on the playing field!We prefer to work with retailers instead of branding our own products, as it allows us to focus on the alloys themselves.Our organization chose lacrosse shafts for two reasons: 1) We absolutely love the sport, and 2) the materials that we have created lend themselves to the speed and power required to perform at a high level on the field.

We love hearing about your experiences with our products. Please send us an e-mail with your feedback. We answer each and every question and love to hear your playing stories. We might just see you in the stadium…Until then…Let the Games Begin!!!